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Alan a Dale & Festa
These good-natured storytellers bring the Robin Hood legend to life with shows big on improvisation, laughter and audience participation. They weave their own version of the outlaw legend, which includes fair maidens, outlaws and jousting and how Robin Hood outsmarted his old enemy the Sheriff of Nottingham!

Bill Brookman & Friends
'Robin Hood - a clinking clanking puppet play!' - complete with animatronic puppets accompanied by a clog-dancing fairy band! This is entertainment Bill Brookman style!

Billy of Loxley & Entourage
Enjoy this high-spirited pack of jesters while they entertain you with a lively show including music, mime, juggling, jesting, japes, jokes, magic and mayhem with some dancing thrown in. Combining acrobatics, comedy, fire eating and stilt walking. Seriously silly entertainment with a jester of international repute.

Blast From the Past
Chris Green and Sophie Matthews specialises in historical music and entertainment. They provide a range of shows, demonstrations and concerts spanning a variety of time periods and they pride themselves on maintaining a high level of audience engagement while attempting to recreate the sights and sounds of the past in an authentic and accessible way.

Dave The Yarnsmith of Norwich
Dave is half of 'Past Imagined' with Stewart Alexander, but the majority of his work now is as the 'Yarnsmith of Norwich'. He has been working under this new title for three years and as you will see from his events diary, the list of places that he has performed and recommendations, he is very busy. That said he is always looking for new places to perform!

Dirk Plug
On Dirk Plug's website you'll find an enormous amount of photos of the Robin Hood Festival from the years 2005 - 2012 and from the Robin Hood World Record Attemp on march 8th, 2008.

Folk At Home
Welcome to the site of Folk at Home, an initiative to give folk concerts in our own living room. This site provides information about these concerts and the musicians who will perform. Musicians who we believe have more than earned their mark in the field of folk music and who undoubtedly will stand guarantee for a fantastic evening listening pleasure.

Fun-Key Productions
This small-scale company, specialised in entertainment for children, cares about providing the best possible entertainment for each event attended. Whether you are looking for children's parties, circus skills workshops, face painting, Theatre In Education, storytelling, street theatre, drama workshops, stilt walkers or just plain silly stuff, I know I can make your audience smile!

Grunal the Moneyer
Grunal the Moneyer, a medieval coin maker and regular member of the cast at Sherwood’s annual Robin Hood Festival is an expert at striking coins. Watch him mint medieval coins by hand for visitors at his stall down by the Major Oak. When that crafty Sheriff of Nottingham confiscates all your riches, Grunal is a useful man to know!

This lively and talented duo, that use music as a vehicle for historical entertainment, will entertain you with their repertoire of medieval music.

Jack O'All Trades
Juggler, fire eater, stilt walker, rope walker, balloon sculptor, and balancer extraordinaire Stephen Gratto is a jester who has thrilled kings and peasants alike who joins us all the way from the U.S.A.. As a true master of his trade he uses the talents of volunteers from his audience to create an entertainment spectacle filled with feats of daring, bravery, and side-splitting foolishness!

Jolly Jester Jingles
Don't miss this colourful character on or off stilts, complete with a special cart in which she carries everything from spinning plates, through magic tricks and juggling balls to balloons! Jingles is always a family favourite catering for all ages.

Justin De Frais
Come along today and meet medieval Knight Hospitaller Justin De Frais as he rests for a while in Sherwood after his long journey back from the Holy Land. Listen to tales of blood, gore and adventure and, amongst other things, find out why the Knights of St John didn't get on with those other famous military monks the Knights Templar! You also can find Justin De Frais on Tabulae.

Keith Kendrick
There is always a quickening of the pulse and heightened anticipation when Keith is about to grace the stage and playing the only English invented chromatic musical instrument – the Concertina! The enthusiasm and love for the music is evident, from the opening notes, for all to both see and hear. Specialities include the authentic performance of traditional songs and ballads.

Kick 'n' Rush
The music of Kick 'n' Rush consists of Skiffle, Comedy, Folk and Rock 'n'Roll with their influences stretching from Lonnie Donnegan and Woody Guthrie through to the Beatles. Today, refusing to accept new musical technology Kick 'n' Rush are still performing the greats in their own unique style some 40 years after Skiffle's hey day.

Leather Man
Phil Quallington is well known in re-enacting circles for his very high quality of craftsmanship and his open and friendly nature. This expert craftsman will create an authentic range of hand-crafted medieval leather goods down by the Major Oak.

Legends Medieval Stunt Display's
This talented group never fail to thrill as they recreate the daring exploits of Robin Hood and the Sheriff's men with live action skirmishes under the mighty Major Oak. Enjoy the action, the pageantry, the thrills and spills at the exciting jousting tournaments. Cheer, jeer and make plenty of noise as the dastardly Sheriff faces his foe-bold Robin Hood.

Les Musiciens Joyeux
A thriving association of about 20 enthusiastic people who make music with a lot of fun in an accordion orchestra (which includes a harmonica, drummer and percussion), with a very varied repertoire, of light classical to modern songs. Film- and musical music, accordion marches and tango's, overtures and concert walzes but also potpourri's of welknown sing-along songs.

Medieval Maniax
Througout history scholars and historians have searched for the truth behind the Robin Legend. Well search no longer! The Medieval Maniax have researched the facts, twisted them and ignored them. This five part trilogy can be easily split into individual shows as the plot is the least of our worries. All the shows are suitable for the whole family. The fun, frolics and fighting never stops!

Pamela B. Shooter, ARPS
For Almost half a century she has traveled the world capturing the atmosphere and character of its people. During the 70s she became one of the pioneers for Photo Decor, winning many awards for her exhibitions, wall hangings and collections. Some of the photo's on this webside are from her hand.

Peterkin the Fool
Peet Cooper is a jester of international repute! A madcap fool, in the truest sense of the words, whether toppling precariously on stilts, fire eating or balancing upside down on anyone he can trick into lying on the floor. A Must Have for banquets, outdoor events, themed parties, weddings or historical re-enactments.

Peep into the woodland hovel - home of this rascally Zebediah the Ratcatcher and his wife Morgator. This pair of rogues will entertain you with herblore, riddles and demonstrations. Hear their daring exploits of medieval times in rodent control!

Simple Tom
Simple Tom is a buffoon, a fool and a prankster. Spontaneous and always eager to please. His job: to tickle everyone's funny bone and send them home with a smile on their faces. Always in high spirits, he cavorts around creating a world of play, mirth and merriment. He invites the audience into a world of idiocy, lunacy and playfulness - a world where they can play and be foolish too.

Singing Plague Victims
...the Bruegelesque Singing Plague Victims perform traditional songs and music culled from the rich musical heritage of Merrie England, with an emphasis on comedy and audience participation. They are indeed a sight to behold, with long nosed Nostrildamus and Milly Molly Manky, once arrested for having an offensive voice. Leave them alone and they'll play for hours.

Sir Ralph Of Epperstone
For any medieval event Sir Ralph of Epperstone is a must. His talk on early medicine is extremely popular with history groups, WI's, clubs and small groups working with a small budget. This medieval quack has a packful of remedies to peddle!

Sloe Gin
Enjoy music and entertainment from this duo of Medieval musicians as they wander around the Major Oak path. They are experienced in providing music and entertainment at medieval banquets, weddings, parties and corporate events. Their music ranges from medieval dance tunes performed on recorder, cittern and percussion via humorous ditties to lively audience participation.

Storyline Designs
After several years as an interpreter with the Norfolk Museums Service Stewart Alexander returned to freelance work, running 'Past Imagined', an historically themed storytelling company (together with Dave Tonge). In 2008 he launched Impact, to provide a comprehensive interpretive consultancy.

Tilburgs Vocaal Ensemble
The Tilburgs Vocal Ensemble has through the years build up a name of a versatile and qualitatively high level performing choir. A particular focus lies on performances of the great Baroque and classical works, which are interpreted expressively and true to the original style.

Webserver Bart de Leeuw
Bart's server hosts our site and also offers an internet travel guide about London, with content based upon Bart's personal experience, with which he hopes to convey his passion for London to others. Furthermore a great amount of icons, the Bommel forum and a collection of POI-files, made for the Tom Tom can be found there.

What A Palaver
Enjoy the frantic antics and lots of funny business with these madcap jovial jesters as they entertain you with all manner of japes and jests! Tricks, juggling and plenty of fun are on the menu when this delicious daft duo of jokey jesters take to the woodland stage. This wonderfully silly duo could raise a titter from even the sour old Sheriff of Nottingham and make him giggle!