Well, if there is such a thing as a normal biography, ours is nothing like it!
Unlike most bands and groups, that meet up at college and practice in their parent’s basements, our group consists mostly of family members.

Here's our story:

We started going to England on holidays as a family. We had heard about the Robin Hood festival in Nottinghamshire and decided it was worth checking out. We fell in love with it and came back every day for the entire week; Arjan and Annique dressed up as Robin Hood and Maid Marian. Of course, the year after, we had to go back. And the years after that we were sure to be found somewhere on the woodland paths of our favourite forest.

People started recognising us and calling us the Dutch Regulars. Annique joined a lot of the shows by other artists at the Robin Hood Festival and Arie and Hanneke sparked up conversation with many of them. As a result, we all started working with Bill Brookman & Friends and got acquainted with a lot of different aspects of street theatre.

Enjoying the performances so much, we decided to start our own shows. This required a programme and a name. Looking for some originality in a quite crowded work field, we came up with the idea of performing Dutch folk songs in England, especially aiming at young children who can join the show by playing a percussion instrument, under the name of the Crazy Dutch Regulars (altering our nickname a bit, to suit our characters better). Never could we have imagined that it would be such a success. What had started out as a hobby, turned out to be a great jumpstart for a new career.

Though our main aim is to perform Dutch folk songs (either in separate slots or provided as a continuous show people can enjoy while passing on their ways to other acts), because of our experiences we are also capable of providing acts that include folk dancing, fire dancing, stilt walking, balloon modelling and face painting.

Thanks to a strong family connection and a huge load of enthusiasm and willingness to learn, we are still, years later, going strong and performing with great success.

If you are interested in more details about the services we can provide for your event, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Regulars

Arie (father) Hanneke (mother) Annique (daughter)      Joy (granddaughter)
  2011-08-14 IMG_7628 RHF CDR Fotoshoot Joy (van Marcella de Bruijne).jpg
Photo by Dirk Plug 
Photo by Dirk Plug  Photo by Marcella de Bruijne
  Photo by Marcella de Bruijne 


The Irregulars

We also have a lot of people joining us for individual gigs when they can.


Meander (friend) Esmeralda (friend) Jelissa (granddaughter) Arjan (Son)
2009-06-26 _m_n__9_32 Polen Chojnice Skrzaty school CDR Hanneke+Meander+Joy+Annique (van
Photo by Dirk Plug     

Dennis (friend)      
2010-08-27 IMG_5383 Dorpshuis Wezep Expositie Laat je eens verrassen CDR Hanneke+Dennis+Arie (van Alida Bosma).jpg  



Photo by Alida Bosma      


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